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Bringing it back to it's original Glory!



When you encounter a flood, water damage, fire - anything unexpected that damages your home, it can be overwhelming to comprehend and deal with.

At Grand River Construction, we deal with this every day.  We are experts at putting your house to pre-loss condition.   We know and understand how your house was built and how it goes back together.

Problem solving and coming up  with viable solutions is where we shine! 

Having a knowledgeable team in place is absolutely key when it comes to your project running smoothly, in a timely manner and with open, continuous communication.

Having someone to call with your questions and concerns matters - And when you call us, we answer!  And we are here for you every step of the way!

Call today to see how we can assist you bringing your home back to it' original glory!

Property Management
Construction Management


When we work as your Property Management - We make it easy for you and save you money!​

Having our staff come weekly  - every week - allows you to maintain all deficiencies in a timely manner for your tenants.  Nothing waits and you have someone skilled and knowledgeable to address your concerns.

Carrying our own insurance means less cost for you!  You don't need to keep a staff member on for a 40 hour work week - We can look after it all!

Talk to us about Emergency Services!  We can be available for doors or windows that have been unexpectedly compromised!


Construction Tools

Dream Big!  or Dream Small - Or anything in between!

Grand River Construction's Team is knowledgeable, have tons of experience and are enthusiastic about offering exceptional results

We can transform your dream into a reality!  Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements, Decks - All Interior or Exterior Projects!

We get it! Starting can be daunting!  With just one call, I know you will feel more confident moving forward with your project - Accurate and timely Estimates, An understandable Schedule to move Forward - And someone to call 24/7!

We care about your project and we display that every day by exhibiting  a strong work ethic and perseverance for top quality work.

Our guys are Quality Tradesmen!  That makes a difference!

Full Build


From the Ground Up - We do it All!




We have enjoyed the pleasure of building homes from the ground up.  We know what it takes.  Our years of experience, means years of knowing, understanding and accomplishing detailed and complex builds! 

Trust is key - In this industry trust comes from knowledge & experience -Both of which Grand River Construction is full of!  We are problem solvers and dream builders! 

Moving forward with a builder who offers so much skill, knowledge and experience allows you to proceed with confidence and peace of mind - And that means something!

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